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The Astrological chart of a new born

BabyWhen I first mentioned to one of my older male relatives that Families West would be carrying an article on Astrology, he was aghast "I'm surprised at you" he said "-meddling with the occult". Yet another addition to the amazing array of mistaken opinions held about the study of the sun, moon and eight planets. Hippocrates, speaking in the 5th century BC said "A Physician without knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a Physician" yet today you would be astounded if your GP consulted the stars in the process of your treatment!

I asked Wendy Stacey, of the West London Astrology centre to tell us a little more about Astrology in relation to a newborn child, and was delighted (and not a little relieved) to read that it is more about understanding a child's dynamics than predicting specific events in his/her life:

"Astrology is based on the Sun, Moon and planets. The birthchart, otherwise known as the horoscope (which translates in Greek to Horo - hour, Scope - watcher) can be looked upon as a snapshot of the sky, or map of the heavens at a particular date and time and specific locality. The newborn's astrological birthchart delineates the blueprint of their character.

My birth experience was not much fun but I am resilient and have quickly come to accept that I now live in a new place. Although I yearn to return to my mother's womb, this world is quite interesting. This particular point in my life represents my ascendant, or my rising sign. My personal experience of the birth is represented in my birth chart by my birthday, birthtime and the place I was born.

The birthchart represents the new beginning, the starting of life - bursting with boundless potential. As a baby sets out on the expedition of life, so does the birthchart. The cycles of the planets continue to move within the chart and at precise moments high and low points are realised. The birthchart is not a predestined journey, but an indicator of time - just like a traveller who comes to a set of crossroads and chooses which road to follow. The role of the Astrologer is to help the individual become aware of the 'highs and lows' in their chart and assist them, as far as possible, in their travels. This also involves making them aware of their inherited resources to overcome difficulties, actualise innate potential and bring forth dormant treasurs to equip and empower them on their life journey.

All I really want to do is sleep, drink and snuggle. Then I see a figure, with a furry face, leaning right over me and speaking in foreign tongues. The pride in his eyes is unmistakable - and I can tell that I am special to him. This man contributes to my purpose in life, he represents the Sun in my chart. He is the one who enables me to separate from my mother and realise that there are other influences that will affect my life.

Mercury and Venus dictate my daily activities and experiences over the next few months. Mercury affects my human logic, and the way I learn about my world. I learn very quickly that my parents react to my behaviour, and will usually reward my crying - particularly in the early hours when I do not want to sleep alone. Mercury is a wonderful tool in teaching me how to manipulate my parents like this. Venus is more about my basic senses. I have learnt how to coo, smile on cue, and pout when required. Venus also makes me realise that the world is full of objects - not just people. I like this as I can claim some of them for my own. Mercury and Venus together allow me to discriminate and familiarise myself with people. I can taste foods, and spit them out if I choose.

Astrologers will usually be reluctant to predict an actual event - as most are unknown. The event, and how an individual reacts to it are influenced by other factors such as personal development, cultural conditioning, and socioeconomic background. Astrology still acts as a diagnostic and predictive tool. As the planets are cyclic, so are their effects, and the duration of those effects.

The most interesting part of development for me is when Mars is strong in my chart. Mars' return happens when I am about 22 months old - and I discover that I am an individual. Sometimes I believe that I am so much an individual that everything revolves around me. It is a wonderful discovery - I can say "no" and answer back - even throw a temper tantrum in Marks & Spencer. I have learnt though that expressing Mars is not generally socially acceptable . Mars makes me feel brave too - jumping and running and taking the furniture out on my travels. Mars gives me courage, enthusiasm and boundless energy.

There are five other planets in my chart which contribute to my make-up - but I am to young to deal with them at present. I'll leave putting out the rubbish at night, and watching interest rates until I am old enough to decide what to be and what to want from life.

Astrology is an appropriate choice for anyone seeking confirmation and guidence. For the newborn child, Astrology is a wonderful tool for highlighting the potential. The aim of the astrologer with children's birthchart is to assist the parents to understand the child's dynamics and how to contribute to the progress of a child's development.

If you are considering a consultation with an astrologer, be sure to ask them what formal training they have had - look for at least 3 years plus consultancy experience. An astrologer may specialise in a field such as business, or relationships etc. As with many other modern practitioners, consultation may be in the astrologers own home - but if your are uncomfortable about this many do now work from offices. In general you can expect a consultation to take 1-2 hours and the cost woud be in the region of £50 - £80.

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