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An astrological consultation involves looking at the exact positions of the planets at the date, place, and time of one’s birth. Here, the cosmic imprint is viewed as not just an insight into the personality but also the journey one has had and continues to travel on.

A consultation explores an individual’s hidden talents, passion and purposes in life and helps guide one through challenging times, pointing out potential hurdles and signalling the different signposts and potential directions one can take when faced with decision making, managing crisis, or making the best out of opportune timing.

Astrology is a guide in helping individuals (couples and families) understand themselves better.  Astrological signatures can manifest in many ways and astrology can help describe what those manifestations may look like, feel like, and how one can make the most out of any situation.

Although in forecasting, astrology cannot predict what will happen, it does give some indication of timing and depth into ‘what is going on’. Astrology and astrologers cannot make decisions for the client but can guide them in looking into what is holding the individual back, the various options one may have and to explore the realm of possibilities that are presented – but not always visible.

Wendy takes a pragmatic approach and enjoys a global clientele, of all ages and backgrounds.

New Client Consultation

This is a 90 minute consultation for new clients only.

Returning Clients

This is a 60 minute consultation for returning clients.

Synastry - Relationship Astrology

This is a 90 minute consultation for new clients only.

Rectification - find the birth time

This is a 30-minute consultation after form completed and part research completed. A report will be sent upon completion of research.

Baby written chart

This is a 2000 word written analysis.


This is a 60-minute session.

RobEaling, London
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I was recommended to Wendy in 2001 by a friend as I was told she could help find my birth time for I was adopted. Despite being a rather pessimistic cynic and non-believer of astrology I decided to give it a go. After giving her brief details of my personal history and some brief conversations over the phone, Wendy came back to me with a proposed birth time and documentation with her reasons for this time. In 2006, I found my birth mother and my birth time turned out to be exactly what Wendy had said. It really was quite amazing. I now see Wendy annually.
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I was fortunate enough to have a consultation with Wendy when my business was at a cross roads. Wendy helped me understand the matters clearly and make the best out of a challenging situation. Her twelve month forecast was spot on! She comes highly recommended.
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I have been a regular client of Wendy’s for 15 years. Whenever I come away from our six monthly consultations I always feel empowered and focused. She has helped me find direction in my life, helped me through some very difficult times and made me realise some performing arts talents I was always too shy and embarrassed to express. She has done much for my confidence and success over the years.
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Wendy has helped me tremendously in both my personal life and with my business. Her input and forecasting is always accurate and her insight never ceases to surprise me.